Electronic Publishing



In 2011 I was introduced to software that turned documents and publisher projects into ebooks with actual flipping pages. I started offering this service to my customers existing customers. My first projects were the Newsletters for several organizations. View Here


In 2013 I built and published my first full length ebook. With the assistance of a descendant of a soldier from the 10th Mountain Division, we published "A Tribute to out 10th Mountain Division Soldier". View here


As of today so many of us are viewing websites and ebooks on our mobile devices. I offer e-publishing now as a service of it's own. So if you are not looking for a website but would like your documents or stories publish for electronic devices, I can help. I will also assist you in placing your ebook on well known website that sell ebooks.


 E-publishing and E-book Services
  • Full Service
    I will build your book for you and then it turn into both a .pdf ebook and a Flipping page ebook that can be viewed on all devices.



    Existing .pdf to Flipping page book

    I will take your existing .pdf file and then turn into a Flipping page ebook that can be viewed on all devices.





     Cost:  Starting at $50
     Cost:  Starting at $20