Joe Hackett, CEO


The President / CEO / Inventor of The Golfer's Nest and USER. I am a Honorable Retired Disabled Veteran from my service in the United States Marine Corps.

My own personal purpose statement is to use my abilities to Help, Organize and See Possibilities in helping individuals to live Happier, Healthier and Peaceful lives. I have been playing AT golf most my life. It was not until a couple years ago which I began to play golf. At this time, I looked at many training aids for someone at my level of golf. Those which I looked at could not help my game for a variety of reasons. So I came up with this new invention and training aid The Golfer's Nest. This training aid is namely to improve a Golfer's swing path naturally without the aid of attachment devices.

The increased use of THE GOLFER'S NEST should assist in your accuracy, distance, ball flight and efficiency of your practice time at the golf course or in the back yard with the end result of enhanced confidence, enjoyment and lowering of your golf score. I look forward to reading about your experience with THE GOLFER'S NEST.

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