The Golfer's Nest



The majority of golfers today do not know how to improve their golf swing without having expert guidance. They flounder by trying all sorts of different changes to their technique and become frustrated because they never really improve and repeatedly make the same mistakes. In the absence of lessons or any form of guidance they will spend hours trying to hit the golf ball consistently and almost always never improve in any appreciable way. At the core of their dilemma are errors in their swing path that create a wide assortment of errant golf ball flight paths. If they only had a way of knowing the swing path error they are producing, they could quickly adjust their swing path and create a more appropriate ball flight pattern resulting from the corrected swing path. This would save them endless hours of trial and error.



The Golfer's Nest swing path training aid diagnoses a golfer's swing path without the aid of attachments to the golfer or their equipment, and with or without hitting a ball. This allows golfers to practice their swing naturally while the training aid provides immediate feedback on their swing path fault. The golfer can then adjust their swing path to eliminate the fault, putting them on a more appropriate swing path that in turn produces a proper ball flight and trajectory. The Golfer's Nest swing training aid will increase efficiency of practice time. Current training aids force a golfer to first learn with the aid. Second, imitate the learned process without the aid. Third, develop or create the muscle memory and make it a natural swing. The Golfer's Nest swing training aid takes the golfer straight into a single step learning process by starting them from a natural position with their own equipment. From there, they can create the needed muscle memory for a more natural and individually developed swing path. The Golfers Nest goes a step further by addressing the whole swing from the back swing all the way to the follow-through. Whether used on the driving ranges or in the back yard, the result is enhanced confidence and satisfaction with the game of golf while improving the golfer's performance. We believe that each and every swing/shot counts.