Ebooks and Publications

Turn a document into an Ebook

Presenting a document and images in an ebook format with flipping pages can be a powerful presentation!  I can turn your manuscript, newsletter, or any document into a flipping page ebook.

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Newsletters and Promotional Materials

Along with Ebooks, I can build promotion materials for your business/project.  Printable stationary, digital flyers, newsletters, and more.

I also offer editing services as I work in collaboration with 

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Website Development and Design

We help you decide on a lot of elements such as the layout, graphics, colors, fonts, structure, content, text styles, interactive features.  You see the process as it happens.  It's YOUR vision.  I just make it come to life!

We offer ongoing hosting and maintainance services for all websites we produce.  This allows you not have to  worry about the upkeep or editing of new info.  We do that for a monthly fee which includes unlimited edits and changes per month.

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Digital Artwork 
and Photo Prints

I have always gotten excited about the graphics that I have created myself with the tools available to me.  Along with graphics to promote my work and my customer's, I have taken photos and made them into posters that can be downloaded and printed.

If you need assiatance with a digital project, contact me!

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About Dee

Having a Cerebral Palsy had limited my ability to write legibly. When computers came along, my whole world changed. I not only could communicate better, I was now able to unleash my creative side through graphics. I taught myself how to build websites. It was as though the computer screen was now my canvas. I loved lining up columns and inserting pictures. I learned the many html codes to change colors install commands. I built my first website and called it Dee's Desktop.

After creating a few small websites for friends and family, I was encouraged to start a small business to use my computer skills to support other small businesses.  Over the years I have built over 50 sites and today I now have over 25 ongoing websites that range from a small business to a national organization.

Each new website or project excites me and in many instances challenge me to add to my skills. I am always learning new skills to offer my customers additional services.

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