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The Binnacle         Notes from the Publisher—Dee’s Desktop

       STAFF       by Aldea LaParr
   Aldea LaParr
 Publisher/Writer  We are entering our second year! Our third year as a team! I am amazed by the caliber
                   of contributors we have had in just our first year. We have covered so many topics that
    Nessie Siler   we believe are timely and necessary as well as fun and inspirational. In this issue you’ll
   Editor/Writer   find out more about The Binnacle’s journey and the doors that we opened.
                   Our real push continues to be to reach out to all of our readers to invite all of you to
Anna Cunningham    share your story with us. We are looking for all kinds of content. Stories, pictures, draw-
Consultant/Writer  ings, and any kind of content that informs and inspires. Individuals, families, and profes-
                   sionals are welcome to submit content.
    Chris Wylie                       We want to
Phillip Woodward                     hear from you!
   Wesley Siler
   Wendy Orzel          You can access ALL issues at
                                    Submit your content Here

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