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Aldea LaParr           Community Supports

  Dee’s Desktop         As a parent with a developmental disability, so much went through my
   Aldea LaParr         head about how I would be able to give my children the best life possible. I
                        believe one of the best things that happened to me and my children was
      Owner/            me reaching out to community supports knowing that I was no longer a self
    Webmaster           -advocate for me, but for our family. I wanted the best for my children
                        even if it meant asking for help, which was something I did not do often. I
  Aldea is a website    was always too proud to ask for help and often fell on my face before doing
designer who actually   so. My mother even told me that my life changed when my first child,
                        Andy, was born. “You are not so selfish anymore,” she said.
 got her Bachelor of
   Arts in Technical    When Andy was 3, he was eligible for home based Head Start. Once a
                        week someone would come into my home just for him. Or that’s what I
Theatre. She lives in   thought. Those once-a-week visits at home when the boys were 3-4 years
 Princeton, NC after    old, and then 4 days a week at the centers when they were 4-5 years old
 living in upstate NY   went on for 6 years. All three of my children, Andy, Timmy, and Scott par-
 for most of her life.  ticipated in Head Start. Those years were life-changing for our entire family.
She is Mom to three     But the last 2 years were very special.
  sons and Meme to
 two grandchildren.     When it was time for my youngest son Scott to start his home visits, that is
She loves to
travel and try          when Dawn Meyers came into my home, and it never was the same. We
new cuisines.
                        ended up forming a friendship that I cannot even explain. Whenever I

                        think of milestones in

                        my entire family’s life,

                        Dawn’s there. I would

                        often escape to her

                        home to decompress

                        and have girl time.

                        She always sent me

                        home with snacks for

                        the boys and some-

                        times even full meals.    After the boys were grown Dawn and I became even closer. Here we

                                                  are at her family reunion.

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