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Although The Binnacle is a short publication compared to others, the topics that we cover are
bold and powerful. Topics that individuals with I/DD really care about and involve personal expe-
riences. By presenting the information in this way, it can inspire the reader to feel more confident
in their situation. We also hope that readers without disabilities are inspired to see people with
disabilities in a positive light.
The first 2 issues of The Binnacle have seen 8 contributors in Issue Number 1 and 17 in Issue
Number 2. Not only do we invite readers to submit stories of which we have used ALL submis-
sions, but we reach out to friends and colleagues in the field of I/DD to share stories and strate-
gies. We have published pieces from 12 self-advocates, 4 parents, 1 sibling, and 2 Direct Support
Professional. As well as the partnership that we have with The Power of the Dream, Inc, partner-
ships are being developed by ongoing collaborations with the NC Empowerment Network, Phillip
Woodward with Access North Carolina, and NC DSP advocacy partners. Outside North Carolina
we have partnered with the Inclusive Theatre of Western New York. We are confident that this
list will grow as we continue to reach out.
After our first year we also decided our publishing schedule for three full issues per year. These
will be in January, May and September. We can also work one on one with anyone who has
something to share but needs assistance with the writing.

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